Sunday, December 7, 2014

cautious vs. crazy

The following mini story made it around many different online publications in October.

this is a good example of crazy masquerading as cautious.

Here we have a lady that fabricated what she believed to be a hazmat suit to protect her from possible infection at the airport.   Some people write it off as just over-precautious behavior...but I strongly disagree.

Actions stemming from over-precautious thinking would have resulted in far more effective construction of a homemade hazmat suit.

The most obvious and obnoxious example is the face mask.  Yes, surgeons do wear masks in the operating room, but for far different reasons compared to crazy Sue.   Surgeons have to prepare for flying blood and other liquids.

But from the limited photos on this crazy wombat, we see that she has plastic over the face so the mask is intended to block airborn biological threats instead of the usual flying debris.  Sorry crazy, but a sanding mask is not going to filter airborn illness no matter how many times your priest blessed it nor how many protection spells were cast using your Harry Potter wand replica. 

Next we see that, to everyone's surprise, she doesn't have a decently shaped plastic overcoat so her normal clothing is sticking for her arms until it reaches her gloves.  I would have loved to inspect this part as we don't know if those are surgical gloves or your average variety automotive repair gloves.   I would guess they are automotive gloves are they are more common and this crack pot clearly didnt go to any real efforts.

But where the cloth sleeves end and the gloves begin, there is a gap where you can see her skin is exposed to the deadly air of the airport.  Given how easy it is to make accidental contact with people at the airport, I am surprised this small patch of skin was exempted from her paranoia.  Simultaneously, I would love to learn of her justification for allowing this exemption just to see where the line is drawn in her crazy mind.

Last but likely not least at all, the choice in plastic covering appears to be very thin similar to painters plastic.   Although I am unable to locate particular research stating such plastic's ability to protect from communicable pathogens, I have enough doubts to where I would not trust it for such precautions.  On that note, the main worry a reasonable person might consider would be the ease of which said material would rip.   Certain plastics react differently to heat, or moisture, or stress.  And given this whacko was at an airport, there's about a million ways to mess up that "suit". 

I wish there were more images to show this intricate suit in it's entirety.  Mainly because I want to know in what her feet are resting and how her feet and legs have also been "protected".   

I have a rule of thumb where I don't give crazy any more attention than a glance because, in general, that's what they want even if they don't realize it.   But now I realize that really only applies to the outgoing type of crazy like the idiots standing atop a soap box and talking to themselves in their own secret language.  

But the quiet crazies are truly an amazing social experiment.  It doesn't scream out that they are trying to get attention.  With that I can only wonder what they are thinking.  And this lady is a great example of the 200 questions I would have to ask.

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