Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Official Sh*t list.

As time goes on, certain people or organizations are banned by me and me alone.  Here is who and why:

The LDS Church - Born into the Church I had a front row seat at everything they taught.  Then I went to college and did a research paper on the LDS Church.  Doing that helped me see the full version of everything the taught me, and everything they tried to avoid teaching me.  I also learned all the little things the most Mormons don't know, simply because the high majority of Mormons don't bother to ask questions.

There are so many things about the LDS Church that is just plain wrong, but my biggest tiff is how the Church is really a Corporation.  Not only a corporation, but a TAX EXEMPT corporation.  They have MILLIONS of dollars invested in private enterprise, most of which is tax exempt.  The money invested comes directly from the members of the LDS Church.  None of the members have any vote regarding the investments made with their money, and none of the members receive any dividends or any kind of return from any of the profits generated by such investments.  Even better, all members of the Church are REQUIRED to give 10% of their annual income to the church.

I'm proud to say, I never gave them a penny growing up.   But they sure gave me a lot of shit for it.   Also please realize, I don't dislike Mormons.  I simply pity them for believing the Church's lies just as much as they pity everyone else for not being Mormon.  I only hate the Church for exploiting it's members by pretending to be a christian religion.   There's A TON of other reasons I hate the church, but I don't need to prove anything to you.  Do your own homework.

Articles that best illustrate my opinion of the church:

GoDaddy - First they strongly supported SOPA.  Then suddenly, when all their clients were cancelling their services, suddenly GoDaddy was all against SOPA.  What a coincidence.  Then some rumors got out that GoDadddy was never really for SOPA.  The issue was simply not brought to the correct leaders of GoDaddy and so the company's official position was never released until the exodus began.

Bull Shit.

I suspect GoDaddy owned by the LDS Church or someone that belongs to the Church.  Cuz they sure pulled a 180 just like the LDS Church did in 1890.  There's other reasons I don't like them, but this was the worst one for me.  If you look at what a whore GoDaddy has become exploiting the internet and its customers, you can see the reasons why GoDaddy would, in fact, be in favor or legislation like SOPA.

Arnold Schwarzenegger - Yes we loved you as the Terminator and maybe some people enjoyed Kindergarten Cop.   But you never knew anything about politics.  Your declining acting career isn't a good reason to take up politics.   Most actors start directing or producing, like Tom Hanks or Jon Favreau.

So, in between explosion movies, were you taking classes on Political Science or volunteering serving in a local council position?  You are the reason the electoral college is a good idea.  If popular vote matter one bit, the President could be anyone like Brad Pitt or Martha Stewart based on nothing more than popularity.   And California proved this point.

Can't really say Arnie did any more harm to CA than other governators.   But he sure did make CA a laughing stock.   CA was already crazy enough, and now the Terminator is the Governor.   Time to move.

Apple - Don't get me wrong, I like apple products.  They are smooth and efficient.  But Apple Corp can suck my balls before I will ever give them a penny.  They survive on overpriced products, proprietary licensing, misinformation, and elitism.  Thanks to all that, they breed a retarded generation of end users that believe with all their heart that they are better than people that don't have Apple products, and that Apple can do no wrong.

Here's a good example of how Apple uses the elitist peer pressure to keep their customers hooked on Apple.

Square-Enix -  I am a huge Final Fantasy fan.   Went to one of the conventions and spent years playing the online game FFXI.   Loved the game as it was, at that time, the closest thing to Dungeons and Dragons.   I know that makes me sound like a nerd, but whatever.

Over time, SE did a series of "bad moves" that were widely hated by most players.  They constantly repressed its community of players making add-on apps illegal claiming that everything not made by SE was considered cheating.   We all knew this was horse shit because all most of us wanted was to play the game in a window so we could use other apps in the background, like a media player.  You might not understand this if you've never played an MMORPG, but you can only listen to the built-in game music for so long before you go insane.  So we didn't feel a windower was a bad thing.  SE did not agree.

But the straw the broke the camel's back, Absolute Virtue.  AV is a mega-boss that very few people (if anyone) ever defeated.  Many people asked SE for hints on how to defeat AV because they couldn't figure out any weaknesses.   Finally, SE did release a video of some people fighting AV and they eventually defeated him.   The video zoomed in on the log during certain moments which emphasized there was something worth knowing.  The video grew a TON of discussion and people kept trying to beat him, but they failed.   I followed this topic closely and found a post where someone specifically asked one the SE developers about AV.  The developer admitted the fight for AV was generally expected to be an 18 hour fight....18 normal hours (not game hours).

A couple years passed and another 1 or 2 expansion packs were added to the game.  With one of the expansion packs, a new mega-boss emerged, called Pandemonium Warden.   Like AV, some people tried to defeat PW.  The same discussion grew on how to defeat him.  The consensus was the fight to beat PW was going to take at least 10 hours, maybe 18.  So one brave group tried.  They posted their results on a message board when they woke up.   Turns out, they fought for over 22 hours straight.  By 20 hours, a few people began to develop severe headaches and some people vomited.  At ~22 hours, the team leader threw in the towel and told everyone to go to sleep.

The news of this attempt sent shockwaves through the player community. Many peeople were outraged because they didn't see the post about AV being an 18 hour fight so they had no idea SE would create such an impossible character.  ESPECIALLY since SE has such a strong view against such ethics, or so they say.   Before you can even login to the server to play the game, you are presented with a window that won't go away until it finally times out after about 5 seconds.  On this window, it read:
A Word to Our Players
Exploring Vana'diel is a thrilling experience.
During your time here, you will be able to talk, join, and adventure with many other individuals in an experience that is unique to online games.
That being said, we have no desire to see your real life suffer as a consequence.
Don't forget your family, your friends, your school, or your work

They claim to have no desire to let our real life suffer, but they deliberately make more than one meg-boss that requires more than 18 hours to defeat.

About a week after the discussion bomb exploded about PW, SE announced they made some changes to a few bosses that were "too difficult" to defeat.   The next day, another group announced they attempted to fight AV again.  They added that AV was weak enough to defeat in less than an hour.  Another group followed about a week later saying that AV was so weak, they were able to defeat AV in 1 minute 45 seconds.  

Some players that were outraged at this change because they had already spent a lot of time trying to figure out the challenge, and SE had completely taken all the fun away from the challenge.  People accused them of making AV a pussy to save their own skin.  SE then released yet another statement denying that AV and PW were never meant to be such a long fight.   But as I mentioned earlier, I saw the proof myself that they did in fact mean for the bosses to be as strong as they were.

I understand that no company is going to admit they fucked up because of liability.  But to publicly LIE to all of it's players was an Absolute Shame.